Prof. Varsha Manish Bihade

Director, D. Y. Patil Institute of Management Ambi.

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Director’s Message

   The prestigious, D. Y. Patil Institute of Management (Ambi), since its establishment in 2008, has made remarkable progress by following the mantra of student centric approach whether it is in academic growth or extra co-curricular activities. DYPIM, Ambi is one among the best institutes in and around Maharashtra and overall the best place for the students to live.
   Ever since the inception of this institute, we attain the provision of a strong team of faculty members, who passionately put their efforts to encourage our students and guide them to improve at every phase. We guide our students to expand their intelligence and enable them to accomplish their ambitions. Concurrently, we implant an optimistic value system which shapes their approach, viewpoint and conduct. It provides a strong foundation for them to tackle the challenges of life.
   Located in the industrial hub of Pune, it provides us a unique opportunity to work close to the reality of industries and our students are involved into multidimensional activities, including development work in local villages. Our pedagogy boosts practical workshops and real life data analysis as a part of course assignments. We propose a wide range of electives across different functional areas which allow a student to gain comprehensive knowledge in their attentive areas.
   DYPIM, Ambi creates the heaven where you as students are supported to become the person “you started out to be.” Everyone has their Everest, let us help our students to climb theirs. I request everyone to discover more about our institute and many accomplishments of its faculty, students, and alumni, either by glancing through the website, or coming for a visit.


  • MBA Marketing
  • P.h.D